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21 Dec 2015 |
Assisting in the development of cooperation
The project supported the Russian-Mongolian meetings in Mongolia, dedicated to various issues of management of transboundary water resources.
10 Dec 2015 |
Climate Bonds and UNEP Inquiry Launch Green Bond Policy Report 'Scaling Green Bond Markets - Guide for the Public Sector'
"The potential opportunity of the green bond market has caught policy makers' attention." - Nick Robins, Co-Director of the UNEP Inquiry
10 Dec 2015 |
New UN Report Details Link between Climate Change and Human Rights
Released on Human Rights Day, ahead of the finalization of a new climate agreement, Climate Change and Human Rights provides a comprehensive study of the links between human rights law and climate change.
08 Sep 2015 |
Council highlights at Stockholm World Water Week
The World Water Council’s participation in the 25th edition of World Water Week was articulated...
28 Jul 2015 | IW:LEARN
UNEP and Brazil Launch Research Project to Manage Mercury Risks
The Minamata Convention paves the way for greater international cooperation on mercury pollution and global efforts to remove a serious health and environmental threat from the lives of people across the globe
23 Jul 2015 |
UNEP Executive Director Addresses EU Environment Ministers Ahead of COP21
UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner delivered two keynote speeches at the EU Environment Ministers Informal Council today, discussing both the upcoming adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate financing.
14 Jul 2015 |
UNEP Receives 2015 Africa Peace Award for Environmental and Development Work
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) received on Monday the Africa Peace Award, conferred by the United Religions Initiative-Africa (URI-Africa) to distinguished individuals or organizations for efforts towards sustainable peace, environmental protection, development, democracy and good leadership on the continent.
06 Jul 2015 |
BRIDGE strenghtens cooperation on water management of lake Chad
Au cours du mois de mai 2015 des cadres de concertation nationaux multi acteurs pour la gestion des ressources naturelles du sous bassin transfrontalier du Chari-Logone ont été mis en place dans le cadre du projet Building River Dialogue and Governance (Bridge Africa) qui vise l'amélioration de la coopération entre les pays riverains en appliquant la diplomatie de l'eau à plusieurs niveaux.
01 Jul 2015 |
End to Great Barrier Reef dumping is imminent
Bonn, Germany – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee has voted to maintain pressure on Australia to deliver on its promise to restore the health of the Great Barrier Reef.  
01 Jul 2015 |
UNEP Executive Director and IUCN Director General Meet with Environmental and Sustainable Development NGOs
United Nations Environment Programme Executive Director Achim Steiner and International Union for Conservation of Nature Director General Inger Andersen today had the opportunity to meet with leaders of a number of environment and sustainable development NGOs to discuss and exchange views on major issues affecting the global environment and sustainability agenda.
01 Jul 2015 |
Flood and Drought Management Tools project at HAII (18 May 2015 – 5 June 2015)
During the three week Thailand visit by the DHI team (Jakob Luchner and Neils Riegels) from the F&DMT project, DHI, EGAT, TMD, RID, IWA, and HAII held two meetings to discuss drought management components: input and output process, bias correction methodologies, and operational seasonal prediction.
25 Jun 2015 |
UNEP Executive Director Wraps Up Successful Visit To Seychelles
The West Indian Ocean has the power to drive the economies of the region, but we must be vigilant. Regional countries can ensure the WIO is a viable resource for decades to come with a Blue Economy approach.