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Keynote: Achieving the Water, Ocean and Related Sustainable Development Goals (Andrew Hudson, UNDP)

The SDGs represent an integrated, holistic vision for development at the global, national, local and individual levels. The GEF occupies a unique space in the global partnership for sustainable development, and is well placed to support the vision embodied in the SDGs. The GEF supports efforts across multiple, interlinked global environment domains that are closely aligned with the SDGs on climate, oceans and marine resources, as well as terrestrial ecosystems, forests, biodiversity and land degradation. GEF international waters projects are built upon country-driven processes and dialogues that lead to ward transboundary cooperation. Legal and institutional frameworks, but particularly national policies and regulations help drive what gets achieved in GEF IW project implementation. This keynote speech by Dr. Andrew Hudson, Head of Water and Oceans Governance at the United Nations Development Programm, looked at what and how IW projects might achieve at the country-level in terms of achieving the SDGs. Footage and production by Francois Odendaal Productions.

03 Jun 2016