International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Welcome to the IW:LEARN Twinning portal

A successful way for projects to learn from each other is to match them up with more mature projects or a partner institution through twinning learning exchanges. Twinning exchanges have successfully built the capacity of project and government staff to achieve improved project implementation and results, natural resource management, and higher success of sustainability. Since 2003, IW:LEARN projects have facilitated 37 twinnings involving 287 beneficiaries as part of 64 GEF IW projects. A further 8 twinnings were conducted during the LME:LEARN project (operational from 2016-2020). More information on previous project twinning exchanges and key documents for the twinning exchanges can be found here.

IW:LEARN5 (2022-2026) will fund a program of iterative twinning exchanges (two exchanges) between the same projects and their identified partners. This enhanced approach will promote stronger partnership between projects through repeat visits and a program of goals to be set over the duration of the IW:LEARN project. Additional project funds are also allocated to ad-hoc proposals (one exchange) submitted by projects to catalyse twinning arrangements.

The main objectives of twinning exchanges are to:

  • Exchange project experience and expertise at the operational level between projects with similar goals, objectives and activities;
  • Mutually increase capacity for more effective protection of shared resources and sustainable management of transboundary water systems; and
  • Document and disseminate recommendations and lessons gleaned from the exchanges across participating GEF IW projects.

The activity will contribute to the overall component goal of enhancing portfolio and partner capacity through the transfer of expertise and practical skills via direct personal knowledge transfer.