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Project Document

The objective of the project is to facilitate the development of national processes, procedures, methods and options for efficient and equitable Integrated Water Resources Planning (IWRM). The development and implementation of a dynamic IWRM/Water Efficiency Plan for Botswana will address both national and transboundary water management priorities and will be supported by and contribute to regional knowledge management process, directly contributing to increase awareness and capacity of national and regional stakeholders to engage in IWRM process. To this effect, the project will also implement a pilot project for water conservation through conjunctive use of Grey-water Re-use and rainwater harvesting in selected schools of Botswana with the aim to demonstrate tangible impacts on the ground and further document and disseminate lessons learnt across the Southern African region

2864: Accruing Multiple Global Benefits through Integrated Water Resources Management/ Water Use Efficiency Planning: A Demonstration Project for Sub-Saharan Africa

01 Jan 2016

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