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Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project II

The Second Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project for Eastern Africa development objectives are to: (i) improve collaborative management of the transboundary natural resources of Lake Victoria basin (LVB) for the shared benefits o f the East African Community (EAC) partner states; and (ii) reduce environmental stress in targeted pollution hotspots and selected degraded sub catchments to improve the livelihoods of communities, who depend on the natural resources of LVB. There are four components to the project. The first component of the project is strengthening institutional capacity for managing shared water and fisheries resources. This component will focus on building the capacity of existing regional and national institutions to harmonize policies, legislation, and regulatory standards, and develop basin-wide management frameworks, to improve cooperative management of the shared transboundary water and fisheries resources of the LVB. The second component of the project is point source pollution control and prevention. This component aims at reducing environmental stresses within the lake and its littoral zone, through the rehabilitation of priority wastewater treatment facilities, promotion of industrial cleaner production technologies, installation of the lake navigation equipment, and implementation of a contingency plan for the oil spills and hazardous wastes management in the LVB. The third component of the project is watershed management. This component seeks to reduce environmental stresses from the lake basin through the implementation of sustainable soil and water management practices and livelihoods improvement interventions, using community-driven development approaches, to improve water use efficiency in the LVB and generate positive externalities to downstream countries. The fourth component of the project is project coordination and management. This component will provide resources necessary for the effective project coordination, regional and national levels communication, monitoring and evaluation activities, and sharing of information among countries.

3399: SIP-Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project II

18 Feb 2014