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LME:LEARN Data and Information Management (DIM) Project Metadata Catalogue

(v. 30 Aug 2019) Data and information play a crucial role in all phases of the policy cycle in international waters—from decision-m-aking via implementation and monitoring, to analysis and recommendations. Data and information supports an understanding and greater awareness of environmental issues, causes, sources and impacts; it functions as an on-going component of the development and assessment of management policies, strategies and interventions; it promotes new legislative and policy initiatives for sustainable resource management and pollution prevention; and it facilitates improved enforcement, decision-making and individual action. In order to guide and support the data sharing on large marine ecosystems (as well as integrated coastal management and marine protected areas) for use by LME:LEARN stakeholders and the wider public, the LME:LEARN project supports a Data and Information Working Group (DIM WG). In support of the DIM WG, this report provides information on current databases and GIS developed by the LME projects.


19 Sep 2019

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