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Gender Mainstreaming Strategy of the MedProgramme

The MedProgramme represents a pioneering effort, being the first GEF programmatic multi-focal initiative in the Mediterranean region, aiming to operationalize agreed-upon priority actions to reduce major transboundary environmental stresses in its coastal areas, while strengthening climate resilience and water security, as well as improving the health and livelihoods of coastal populations. This Gender Mainstreaming Strategy, developed in the Project Preparation Grant (PPG – between June to September, finalized in October) phase, will: provide tailored action points to improve the gender status quo in the countries; place gender-responsive activities and gender-aware policy-making at the core of the MedProgramme agenda; and partake as well as further the existing efforts on gender equality, to leverage opportunities for inclusive and accessible environmental and social co-benefits.

9607: Mediterranean Sea Programme (MedProgramme): Enhancing Environmental Security

03 Mar 2021

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