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Demonstration Projects for Efficient Water Use

Pilot projects showcasing water saving potentials were implemented in the Kura II Project. These demonstration projects encompassed mobile application for municipal water network leak detection and awareness raising; E-learning modules for rational water use for school students in the two national languages; E-learning module for rational water use for local communities targeting households and commercial enterprises in the two national languages; installation of drip irrigation at pilot sites in Georgia and Azerbaijan and installation of an Aquaponics system training center in Azerbaijan. The drip irrigation pilots were implemented starting in 2019, one in Azerbaijan and three in Georgia. The water savings due to the introduction of drip irrigation were huge, in particular in Georgie where 90% less water was consumed. The pilot site in Azerbaijan resulted in roughly 30% less water consumption but higher production rates. Advance irrigation technology is a measure to enhance water security in both countries and especially indispensable in Azerbaijan to adapt to climate change.

6962: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin through Implementation of the Transboundary Agreed Actions and National Plans

05 Jul 2021

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