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Benguela Current Convention Gender Policy and Action Plan

All the Benguela Current Convention (BCC) member countries (Angola, Namibia and South Africa) are signatories to international, regional and national frameworks that promote gender equality. The frameworks commit the governments to promote gender equality and to eradicate the injustices of the past. The adoption and localisation of these frameworks to national level instruments illustrate a strong political commitment to the promotion of gender equality in each BCC signatory country. The BCC Gender Policy outlines the gender equality principles, goals and objectives that should guide the gender focus in the BCC’s work. This Action Plan complements the Policy in that it states the activities that are necessary to achieve policy goals.

5753: Realizing the Inclusive and Sustainable Development in the BCLME Region through the Improved Ocean Governmence and the Integrated Management of Ocean Use and Marine Resources

25 Oct 2021

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Benguela Current Convention Gender Policy and Action Plan.pdf