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Assessment of Marine Environment and Sustainability of Ecosystems in the Adriatic

The GEF Adriatic Project (2018-2021) was implemented in Albania and Montenegro with the aim to restore the ecological balance of the Adriatic Sea through the implementation of ecosystem approach. Within the project, two separate integrated assessments of marine Good Environmental Status (GES) for Albania and Montenegro were prepared. The marine GES was assessed according to the established criteria and with the help of national experts, which finally resulted in the initial concrete proposal of measures to achieve or maintain GES. The assessments were successful in providing initial but essential information on the state of marine and coastal environments in both countries. Since these assessments were based on the indicators accepted by all Mediterranean countries, their methodology can also be replicated elsewhere in the Mediterranean. The GES assessments carried out within the GEF Adriatic project were the first such assessments in the Mediterranean carried out in an integrated manner, addressing all of the known pressures on the coastal and marine habitats, and focusing on the complex relations between different environmental components.

9545: Implementation of Ecosystem Approach in the Adriatic Sea through Marine Spatial Planning

25 Nov 2021

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