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Guidelines for marine spatial planning process in Albania

The following guidelines have been drafted keeping in mind the different audiences and stakeholders to which they are dedicated and their different objectives: For the planner and the manager: Ensure a continuity of planning, management, enforcement and monitoring of all activities and potential natural and human impacts and between the terrestrial and maritime domains of the area considered. For the administrator and the controller: Develop a marine cadastre as the one that has been developed on land and consider over time for the marine environment at least three dimensions: the surface of the sea, the water column and the sea bottom (two others could be considered the air above the surface and the sub-soil at the bottom). For the communities and the stakeholders: Ensure the coherence between all the activities in the terrestrial and marine domain in order to respect, protect or restore the existing ecosystems, species and biological processes and to provide an equilibrate et harmonious socio-economic environment for supporting the long term sustainable development of the area.

9545: Implementation of Ecosystem Approach in the Adriatic Sea through Marine Spatial Planning

25 Nov 2021

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