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Protecting Pemba: Inside Efforts to Improve Fisheries Management in a Marine Conservation Area in Zanzibar, Tanzania

From Zanzibar to Kilwa Masoko to Mafia Island, Tanzania is famous for its beautiful beaches and rich biodiversity, including coral reefs, sea turtles, dugongs and more. Yet, as elsewhere, these coastal idylls are under threat from the effects of climate change, illegal fishing, and other dangers.In an effort to protect these paradises, Tanzania has declared 18 marine conservation (or protection) areas (MCAs or MPAs) on the mainland and an additional nine on Zanzibar. An MCA is an area of ocean or coastline that has been specially designated for protection for the benefit of nature and people. A well-managed MCA can bring significant economic, social, and environmental benefits to a country, by preventing overexploitation of fish stocks, safeguarding or creating jobs in the tourism and fisheries sectors, and halting biodiversity loss.

5513: Western Indian Ocean LMEs Strategic Action Programme Policy Harmonization and Institutional Reforms SAPPHIRE Project

15 des. 2021