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Ethno-cultural Adaptation

The Arctic regions of the world share many common characteristics but there are significant social, cultural, and political differences. The indigenous peoples of the Arctic include the Inuit and Iñupiat who inhabit the northern part of the North American continent, and Greenland; the Saami of northern Scandinavia, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula; in northern Russia the Yakuts together with some sixteen indigenous minorities, ranging from the Saami and Nenets in the west to the Chukchi and Eskimo (or Yupik) in the east; the Aleuts, Yup’ik, Athabaskans and other indigenous groups of Alaska; and in Canada the Dene and Yukon First Nations Indians, who occupy the northwest Arctic and subarctic regions along with the Métis

807: Persistent Toxic Substances, Food Security, and Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North

11 Aug 2014


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