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Progress Report No. VIII. Dec 1997 - Feb 1998.

The major events this quarter, as far as the project as a whole is concerned, were the Tripartite Review Meeting (TPR) and the second meeting of the Project Steering Committee (SCM). These meetings provided a somewhat overdue opportunity for the participating states, UNOPS, GEF, UNDP and PCU to review project progress and agree on priorities for the next twelve months. Rather than summarise the meetings here, the reports from both meetings are given at Appendix 1 to ensure a wide distribution and to act as an aid memoir to all concerned regarding the project’s commitments and obligations for the coming year.

398: Pollution Control and Other Measures to Protect Biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika (LTBP)

19 Mar 2010

Progress Report No. VIII. Dec 1997 - Feb 1998..pdf