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Beijing Shi

Hai Basin Integrated Water and Environment Management Project

The overall objective is to catalyze an integrated approach to water resource management and pollution control in the Hai Basin in order to improve the Bohai Sea environment. The project has the following four components: Component 1) Will finance consultant services, training, goods and small works. The Integrated Water and Environment Management (IWEM) will be divided into 3 subcomponents: (a) Strategic Studies at the central and Hai Basin levels; (b) integrated water and environment management planning; and (c) demonstration projects. All three of these subcomponents are very closely interrelated. The strategic studies will support and provide guidance to IWEMPs and to the demonstration projects. Component 2) Will finance consultant services, training and goods and will be implemented under the Hai Basin Project Management Office (PMO). The Knowledge Management (KM) component will have 2 subcomponents: (a) KM Development; and (b) Remote Sensing and Evapotranspiration (ET) management systems. These subcomponents are very interrelated and need to be prepared and implemented in a coordinated manner. KM is the technical basis through which the Project will be implemented and all KM activities at all levels are grouped together in this component. Further, to ensure that this remains a needs-driven and not technology-driven component, significant attention will be given to the management of the component. Component 3) Will be implemented under the Tianjin PMO and will assist Tianjin address critical water pollution control issues in the coastal area by supporting two activities under the World Bank-financed Second Tianjin Urban Development and Environment Project (TUDEP2): Component 4) Will finance consultant services, training and goods. Hai Basin Project management will support coordinated and integrated actions by the Ministries/Bureaus of environmental protection and water resources at the various levels. All PMOs will have Joint Expert Groups to assist the PMOs in coordination, review, supervision and in some cases execution of technical activities under the Project. The Central PMOs will be supported by an international expert panel with broad experience in water quality and quantity management, water and environment planning and knowledge management.

1323: Hai River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management

18 Feb 2014