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Coastal Cities Pollution Control Project 2

The objectives of the Second Coastal Cities Pollution Control Project are: (i) to improve the provision of efficient and sustainable wastewater services in participating coastal municipalities; and (ii) to reduce the nutrient load entering Croatia's coastal waters from, and pilot innovative 'wastewater treatment solutions in, selected municipalities. The project restructuring entails several changes that include: i) redefining the scope of the Project institutional strengthening component, by replacing studies already completed outside the Project, with studies for preparation of projects for financing under European Union (EU) Structural Funds; ii) reallocation of Loan and Global Environment Facility (GEF) Grant proceeds between different disbursement categories, in order to reflect evolving needs during the Project implementation; iii) defining a new date for establishment of monitoring and benchmarking system for the Municipal Water and Sewerage Companies (MWSC) participating in the Project; and iv) modified wording of result and intermediate result indicators in the result framework and monitoring table.

3725: Coastal Cities Pollution Control (APL 2)

18 Feb 2014