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Second APL (APL-B1) West Af. Reg. Fisheries Program (Guinea Bissau)

The development objective of the Second Adaptable Program Loan (APL-B1) of the West Africa Regional Fisheries Program Project is to strengthen the countries capacity to govern and manage targeted fisheries, reduce illegal fishing and increase local value added to fish products. There are four components to the project. The first component of the project is good governance and sustainable management of the fisheries. This component aims to build the capacity of the government and stakeholders to develop and implement policies through a shared approach that will ensure that the fish resources are used in a manner that is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically profitable. The second component of the project is reduction of illegal fishing. This component aims to reduce the illegal fishing activities threatening the sustainable management of the marine fish resources and the wealth they can generate for the region. The third component of the project is to increasing the contribution of the fish resources to the local economy. The component aims to increase the benefits to West Africa from the marine fish resources, by increasing the share of the value-added captured in the region. The fourth component of the project is coordination, monitoring and evaluation and project management. This component aims to support countries to implement the program in the context of the Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission (CSRP) strategic action plan, and to monitor and evaluate results.

3558: SP-SFIF: West Africa Regional Fisheries Program (WARFP)

18 Feb 2014