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The document library includes a wide array of outputs from projects (reports, presentations, case studies, terms of reference) as well as other content of interest to GEF International waters. Project managers and GEF International Waters staff are invited to give their feedback or submit case studies, ToRs, or other documentation to be included in the document library (

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27 aug. 2018 - publication - English Guidelines for Applying Protected Area Management Categories (2008)
The following guidelines are offered to help in application of the IUCN protected area management categories, which classify protected areas according to their management objectives. The categories are recognised by international bodies such as th...
29 des. 2017 - report - project: 3589 Establishment of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Tatoareng Subdistrict, Kepulauan Sangihe District, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
The objective of the study is to determine the status of the biophysical and socioeconomic conditions of the communities involved for the establishment of marine protected area in Tatoareng Subdistrict. The coral reef condition in the Tatoareng Su...
26 des. 2017 - report - project: 3589 Turtle Islands Wildlife Sanctuary Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
This study included the assessment of natural disaster risks, including earthquakes and soil liquefaction, in addition to typhoons, floods, rain-induced landslides, storm surges, and sea level rise. The assessment profile serves as a basis to form...
01 jan. 2016 - project-identification-form - project: 3589 Malaysia - Capacity building on marine protected area (MPA) management
Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle-Southeast Asia (CTI-SEA)




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