International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

20th Annual LME Consultative Meeting - LME20

03-04 Nov 2018, Marrakesh
The 20th Annual LME Consultative Meeting, organized by the GEF LME:LEARN Project, taking place from 3 to 4 November 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

The LME20 will be preceding the 9thGEF International Waters Conference (IWC9), which will take place on 5-8 November 2018. 

The primary goal of an Annual LME Consultation Meeting is to provide a global forum for GEF and non GEF-funded marine and coastal projects’ leaders and institutions, aimed at sharing experiences and lessons in management, science applications and governance relating to transboundary marine ecosystems. The Meeting also contributes to the strengthening of the LME Partnership by engaging marine, coastal, biodiversity and coastal climate change adaptation projects’ leaders in meeting its primary goal.  

More specifically, the LME20’s objectives are to:   

  • Reflect on 20 years of experiences in LME consultations and setting the directions for the future;
  • Consolidate actions in support of Regional Ocean Governance building on the Partnership Building Meeting held in Cape Town, South Africa (November 2017); 
  • Focus on the contribution of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) to LMEs, as well as other tools, and their integration into  the implementation of LME Strategic Action Programmes; and 
  • Reflect on the GEF LME: LEARN’s achievements and discussing the sustainability of post-project activities