International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

LME23 Paris, France

3-5 June 2024 , Paris, France
The 23rd Annual Large Marine Ecosystems (LME23) Consultative Meeting. UNESCO HQ, Paris, France.

The LME23 provides a global forum for Global Environment Facility (GEF)-funded projects and other marine and coastal practitioners, partner organizations and institutions, including Regional Seas organizations and Fisheries Management Organizations. It contributes to the development of the LME partnerships by engaging marine, coastal management, biodiversity and coastal climate change adaptation project leaders, with the aim is to share experiences and lessons on the ecosystem-based management (EBM) of LMEs and ocean governance.

The objectives of the LME23 will build on the discussions and outcomes of the LME22 meeting that took place in July 2023. The LME22 meeting report can be downloaded here.

The attendance is by invitation. 

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