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Addressing Transboundary Concerns in the Volta River Basin and its Downstream Coastal Area - Results

GEF IDS: 1111



Information sources
GEF5 Tracking Tool (2012)

Key Basin Project Results

Results data
Establishment of country-specific inter-ministerial committees
Year: N/A - Value: NO
Regional legal agreements and cooperation frameworks
Year: 2007 - Value: YES
Instrument: Convention for the establishment of the Volta Basin Authority (VBA)
Regional Management Institutions
Year: 2007 - Value: YES
Body: Volta Basin Authority
Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis: Agreement on transboundary priorities and root causes
Year: N/A - Value: YES
TDA development currently underway
Development of Strategic Action Program (SAP)
Year: N/A - Value: YES
This is a first foundational project, TDA development currently underway, SAP to start next year