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MED Coastal Rivers and Orontes River Basins Water Resources Management Project

Project Objective: This PIF proposes specific in-country investments, technical assistance, knowledge generation and capacity building activities within the framework of the proposed Mediterranean Environmental Sustainable Development Program (SUSTAINABLE MED). SUSTAINABLE MED represents a continuation and further expansion of the Investment Fund of the GEF/IWs Mediterranean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem Strategic Partnership (Mediterranean Strategic Partnership). Key objectives of the Investment Fund regarding water pollution reduction and biodiversity conservation will be maintained. In addition, SUSTAINABLE MED will deepen the work on governance, capacity building, and technical assistance. The overall objective of this specific Project is to support the implementation of the National Environmental Strategic Action Plan (SAP) to reduce pollution and strengthen the framework for improved integrated water resources management and reduced vulnerabilty to climate change risk. This will be done by (i) strengthening institutional capacity, (ii) improving planning for management of water resources, (iii) incorporating climate change risks in the planning and (iv) supporting demostration of pilot investments in the Coastal and Orontes River Basins.



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General information
GEF ID 3970
Project type Full-Size Project
Status cancelled (Cancelled)
Start Date 03 May 2009
End Date 01 May 2013
GEF characteristic:
GEF Allocation to project 3.05M US$
Total Cost of the project: 8.00M US$
Syrian Arab Republic

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (WB)