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Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, Senegal

The Decree 2012-645 of 4 July 2012 allows the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs to prepare and implement the policy defined by the Head of State in the fields of fisheries, fish farming, and development in value of the seabed, port infrastructure and maritime transport. As such, it ensures information of public authorities on the state of fisheries resources and ensures sustainable use by both artisanal fisheries and industrial. In connection with the Minister of the Armed Forces and the Minister of the Interior, is responsible for the protection of fisheries resources and fisheries surveillance. With regard to industrial fishing, it controls its business so that it does not impoverish or destroy the marine environment. It is responsible for a smooth operation of the sector of processing of fisheries products. It ensures the promotion of such products. It promotes export. It ensures that the fishing professionals possess appropriate qualifications. It supports the activity of artisanal fishing and promotes modernization. He instructs fishing license applications and delivers authorization after a transparent public tender procedure. It represents the Senegal at all international meetings on fisheries and fisheries agreements signed between Senegal and other countries. It promotes and monitors the development of fish farming and aquaculture, in conjunction with the Ministry of Ecology. He is responsible for the management and exploitation of the seabed. It is responsible for the implementation and port infrastructure development aligned with the best international standards. In this capacity, he supervises the Ports, the Merchant Navy and all the structures in charge of building and ship maintenance.