International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

GEF IW:LEARN: Services in Support of the GEF International Waters project portfolio

5729 - GEF International Waters Learning Exchange and Resources Network IW LEARN

21 Mar 2019

GEF IW:LEARN is a global project that promotes experience sharing, learning, information management and partnership building among projects in the GEF International Waters (GEF IW) focal area. The GEF IW focal area targets transboundary water systems, such as shared river basins lakes, groundwater and large marine ecosystems. An overview of the project's services and how projects can benefit from them, are discussed in this video. GEF IW:LEARN is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and UN Environment, and executed by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and GRID-Arendal. Produced in association with Livio Fania