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Black Sea Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (2007)

This report represents the second Black Sea transboundary diagnostic analysis (TDA), the first of which was produced in 1996. It assesses the environmental status of the Sea, focusing on the major transboundary problems, their causes and what should be done to improve its status in the future. The structure and content of this document are different to that of the 1996 TDA, since guidance on TDA production has changed in the intervening years and instead of the original seven major transboundary problems, it now focuses on only four: (1) Eutrophication/nutrient enrichment; (2) Changes in marine living resources; (3) Chemical pollution (including oil); (4) Biodiversity/habitat changes, including alien species introduction. The emphasis of this document is on changes that have occurred since the original TDA was produced. However, socio-economic developments and environmental data over a longer period of time are also considered to place the current status in context, and describe the reasons for underlying changes observed. Published in 2007.

2263: Control of Eutrophication, Hazardous Substances and Related Measures for Rehabilitating the Black Sea Ecosystem, Tranche 2

19 jun. 2019

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