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GCLME newsletter for February, 2006

Between 30 January and 4 February 2006, the GCLME project in partnership with International Maritime Organization organized a Regional Workshop on Ballast Water Management and Control in the GCLME Region. The Workshop attracted senior representatives from the Maritime Administrations and other relevant organizations in the 16 GCLME countries. In a bid to achieve its objectives which included the discussion of the issue of invasive species transferred in ship's ballast water, the Workshop was a forum for the representatives to evaluate the situation in each of the GCLME countries and to discuss a possible regional Strategic Action Plan to deal with aquatic invasive species in ships' ballast water in a concerted manner.

1188: Combating Living Resource Depletion and Coastal Area Degradation in the Guinea Current LME through Ecosystem-based Regional Actions

09 Apr 2010


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