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The document library includes a wide array of outputs from projects (reports, presentations, case studies, terms of reference) as well as other content of interest to GEF International waters. Project managers and GEF International Waters staff are invited to give their feedback or submit case studies, ToRs, or other documentation to be included in the document library (

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01 Jan 2016 - Folder 1st Asia Pacific Regional Targeted Workshop for GEF IW Projects Presentations
The workshop resembled an International Waters Conference at the regional scale, with a focus on inter-project knowledge sharing (Best Lessons and Challenges). The workshop discussed potential course modules to be provided by p...
01 Jan 2016 - Folder Intranet
01 Jan 2016 - Folder IW:LEARN Service Tracker
01 Jan 2016 - Folder Seth Test Folder
01 Jan 2016 - Folder Taylor Test/Demo
09 Sep 2014 - Folder IW:LEARN ICT Workshop - UNEP Nairobi 2013
12 Jun 2014 - Folder 3rd Latin American & Caribbean Regional Targeted Workshop for GEF IW Projects
The 3rd Latin America & Caribbean Targeted Workshop for Global Environment Facility (GEF) International Waters (IW) Projects will be jointly organized by the International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network (IW:L...
28 Mar 2014 - Folder MENARID Workshops
10 Jan 2014 - Folder - project: 807 AMAP Assessment Report: Arctic Pollution Issues (1998)
A fully referenced, comprehensive scientific and technical report presenting the AMAP assessment on the status of the Arctic environment with respect to pollution, including extensive tabulations of the data (both published and...
10 Jan 2014 - Folder - project: 807 Arctic Pollution 2002
The second AMAP State of the Arctic Environment Report, updating the 1997 AMAP assessments on Persistent Organic Pollutants, Heavy Metals, Radioactivity, and Human Health, and including a new assessment on Climate Change Effect...
10 Jan 2014 - Folder - project: 807 Arctic Pollution Issues: A State of the Arctic Environment Report (1997)
A condensed version of the scientific/technical AMAP Assessment Report, presenting the information in a clear and readable manner for the non-scientific audience; richly illustrated and prefaced by an Executive Summary with rec...
17 Dec 2013 - Folder Strategic Action Programmes
28 Nov 2013 - Folder IW Groundwater Learning Blog
27 Feb 2013 - Folder Community
The GEF IW Community Platform is the interactive online platform where stakeholders, communities of practice (CoPs) can gather, co...
11 Dec 2012 - Folder Monitoring and Evaluation
04 Dec 2012 - Folder Evaluations and Impact of IW:LEARN
01 Oct 2012 - Folder e-Bulletin 2008-2010
24 Aug 2012 - Folder ICT Workshops
24 Aug 2012 - Folder - project: 3639 State of the Coral Triangle Report
05 Apr 2012 - Folder GEF International Waters Blogs




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