International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Private Sector Engagement

07 May 2018

In order to bring transformational change to the global ocean environment, marine projects, institutions and the private sector must identify new ways of working together.

Examples of successful partnerships with large corporate actors include the Globallast partnership with shippers and the International Maritime Organization, as well as Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) and Areas beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) working with the private sector to promote innovative, market-based approaches fostering good fishing practices and fishery management.

To foster these partnerships there needs to be a better understanding of the challenges faced by both the private sector and marine projects in engaging with one another; how to better communicate the investment potential of marine projects, and the opportunities for investment by the private sector at the regional level.

The best way to advance and align business, environmental and social objectives is by learning first about the drivers of the businesses in the Asia-Pacific Region. Most businesses approach the environment through the lens of risk, in other words how does the availability of natural resources impact their business?

During this session participants have the opportunity to hear from a few businesses operating in the Asia-Pacific Region. More specifically this session will focus on:

 New issues, risks and opportunities are emerging that may have material impact on ocean industry operations;
 The criteria these companies use to make investment decisions;
 Examples of investments that have succeeded or failed in the past, and why?