International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

IWSC 2012

24 - 26 September 2012 - Bangkok
Setting the International Waters Science Agenda for the next Decade

Twenty years of GEF International Waters (IW) projects have resulted in a wealth of knowledge. Much of the science used and generated during the projects is embedded in Transboundary Diagnostic Analyses (TDAs). The recent three year study under the GEF UNEP-UNU IW:Science project has uncovered some of the key findings and success factors in enhancing the use of science in GEF IW projects. Click here to view the IW synthesis reports from this project. The International Waters Science Conference will provide a key forum for bringing these findings to a wider audience. Benefiting from lessons learned can significantly support new and ongoing projects in achieving better results.

The conference will provide a special series of sessions for project participants to share their science experiences with other experts. A Scientific Network will be inaugurated in April 2012 to work together in the lead up to the conference, addressing the themes and cross-cutting issues on “Setting IW Science Priorities for the Next Decade”. The conference will serve to provide both plenary and working sessions to share and finalise the findings.

In addition to the GEF IW:Science project, the findings of other GEF learning initiatives will provide central inputs for synthesis. These are:
• Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme
• Good practices and portfolio learning in GEF transboundary legal and institutional frameworks
• The Living Water Exchange – nutrient reduction best practices