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TDA/SAP Methodology

The Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis/Strategic Action Programme (TDA/SAP) approach is a highly collaborative process that has proven to be a major component of GEF International Waters projects over the last 26 years.

There is no ‘standard’ approach to the TDA/SAP process: each water system and each IW Project is unique and the resultant TDA and SAP will also be unique. However, this manual provides a 'non-prescriptive', simple and stepwise approach for the TDA/SAP process that many projects have followed over the last 26 years. It includes references and links to best practices and experiences from a wealth of completed and on-going projects.

TDA/SAP Methodology

  1. Welcome to the TDA/SAP Manual
  2. Introduction to the TDA/SAP Process
  3. How to Develop a TDA
  4. How to Develop a SAP
  5. Planning the TDA/SAP Process
Download the manual in pdf format (2020 Edition)

TDA/SAP Online Course- New!

The overall goal of the TDA/SAP online course is to provide a very brief summary of the key steps recommended in the Manual to enable all those involved in the development of the TDA/SAP (project staff, consultants, national experts, civil society, private sector, government representatives, etc.) to have an awareness of the process.

Link to online TDA-SAP course

TDA/SAP Face to Face Training Course

Supporting the TDA/SAP Manual is an instructor-led TDA/SAP training course. It has been designed to be delivered at GEF IW project sites and can be customised according to how advanced a GEF project is on the TDA/SAP process and the water system type (e.g. LME, River basin, Lake, Aquifer).

The course consists of 4 modules that cover the entire TDA/SAP process. These are:

Module 1: Introduction to the TDA/SAP Process
Module 2: Developing the TDA
Module 3: Formulating the SAP
Module 4: Managing the TDA/SAP process