International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

TDA/SAP Training Course

The aim of the training course is to strengthen the capabilities of individuals and institutions involved in the GEF TDA/SAP process.

The TDA/SAP training course will:

  • Provide the necessary skills, information and approaches required to develop a TDA/SAP
  • Help the project to formalise the TDA and/or SAP development team
  • Launch the TDA/SAP process

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the TDA/SAP training course participants will:

  • Understand the TDA/SAP process and how it fits within GEF IW Projects
  • Understand the key steps in the TDA/SAP process
  • Be able to communicate the TDA/SAP process to others
  • Have learnt new skills for implementing the TDA/SAP process in their project

Target Audience
The target audience includes:

  • Project Managers (PMs)/Chief Technical Advisors (CTAs)
  • Core project staff
  • TDA and SAP development team members
  • Steering Committee members
  • Stakeholder representatives

Course materials and delivery
The TDA/SAP training course uses an active learning model. It is action-oriented, experiential and highly interactive. It has been designed to be delivered at GEF IW project sites and can be customised according to how advanced a GEF project is on the TDA/SAP process and the water system (e.g. LME, River basin, Lake, Aquifer). The approach to delivery is flexible. It has been developed in such a way that it can be delivered by international or regional instructors or personnel from the project team who have experience in the TDA/SAP process.

The recommended number of participants for the training course is 15 to 25. Although groups of more than 25 can be catered for, it is not advised. The course provides an excellent opportunity to gather project personnel together, and to begin or continue the establishment of a national or regional cooperative framework.

The training course is normally delivered over 3 ½ days. The participants are generally required to carry out some preliminary reading prior to the start of the course.