International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Private Sector Engagement Hub

A holistic approach to private sector engagement makes use of multiple modalities including knowledge and information sharing, policy dialogue, technical assistance, capacity development and harnessing partnerships. This Hub ensures that resources and best practices are readily available for the GEF International Waters Portfolio to support the sustainability of project interventions in freshwater and marine ecosystems.

The GEF7 International Water Strategy states that GEF International Waters investments will stimulate private sector investment through all of its three objectives. This engagement will occur through two different entry points, namely:

  1. Stimulating engagement along the different supply chains towards reducing impacts on the freshwater and marine ecosystem environments, and
  2. De-risking innovative investments within the freshwater and marine sectors, through support to testing of innovative approaches and technologies.

The IW portfolio has repeatedly expressed interest in greater support and guidance with private sector engagement. This interest was most clearly expressed during the 8th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference in Sri Lanka, where a follow-on workshop on Financing Sustainable Management of Transboundary Basins outlined a clear set of actionable recommendations that a future GEF IW:LEARN project could address. These included, inter alia, strengthening GEF IW capacity, establishment of a global IW Partnerships Advisory Panel to provide advice and support partnership building, further IW dialogue awareness, communication and training.

Given that the significant number of GEF IW projects are supporting the implementation of SAPs and the portfolio’s stated interest in attracting investment towards those SAPs priorities, this Hub will help guide and support the portfolio to establish private and public partnerships.