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PEMSEA newsletter Vol. VIII Issue No.05 (2007)

Highlights of the Meeting included the election by consensus of the Officers of the Executive Committee, consisting of the Council, Intergovernmental Session and Technical Session Chairs. Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, Dr. Li Haiqing and Mr. Hiroshi Terashima were elected to the respective positions. However, Dr. Li Haiqing was designated as Acting Council Chair up to end of September or upon the completion of Dr. Chua's term as Interim Executive Director of the PEMSEA Resource Facility (PRF). The Meeting also welcomed the International Ocean Institute (IOI) and Swedish Environmental Secretariat for Asia (SENSA) as new Partners of PEMSEA.

597: Building Partnerships for the Environmental Protection and Management of the East Asian Seas

01 apr. 2010


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