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IWC9 presentations & summaries

01 Oct 2018
Presentation slides/content and session summaries at the 9th GEF International Waters Conference held in Marrakesh, Morocco from 5 to 8 November 2018.

Day one 
Portfolio Strategy and Methodology

Monday 5 November 2018
Jardins de l’Agdal Hotel

Building Traction of the TDA-SAP Process Toward 2030 and Beyond: From Formulation Through Implementation (Kickoff) (Marrakesh, 2018) / Summary 

Building Traction of the TDA-SAP Process Toward 2030 and Beyond: From Formulation Through Implementation (Freshwater World Café) (Marrakesh, 2018) / Summary

Building Traction of the TDA-SAP Process Toward 2030 and Beyond: From Formulation Through Implementation  (Coastal Zone and Marine World Café) (Marrakesh, 2018) / Summary

Day Two
Partnerships and Synergies

Tuesday 6 November 2018
The Water Museum

Participant-led Workshop: Partnerships to Scale Up Community-Based International Waters Management (Chen, Marrakesh 2018) / Presentation Summary

Participant-led Workshop: Toward a Gender Protocol for the TDA-SAP Process (Miletto, Marrakesh 2018) / 

Participant-led Workshop: Using Planning Tools to Support the TDA-SAP Development and Updates (Cross & Jessen, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation 

Day Three
Tools and Practices for IW Practitioners

Wednesday 7 November 2018
Jardins de l’Agdal Hotel


How will the updated TDA-SAP guidance assist my project? (Whalley, Marrakesh, 2018) / Summary 

How do I mainstream gender into my IW project in light of the new GEF policy on gender equality? (Miletto & Davidson, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation

How can my fisheries project help deliver more fish in the ocean, more food on the plate, and more prosperity for coastal communities? (Fitzgerald & Rife, Marrakesh 2018) / Summary 

How do I promote the effective management of marine areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) through the TDA-SAP process? (Balgos, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation  Summary 

How to achieve a good nutrient balance in our environment (Cox, Winiwarter, Walker, Marrakesh 2018).Presentation 


How do I diagnose and treat weak governance?  An exercise regime (Wenzel & Wawrzynski, Marrakesh 2018). / Summary 

Clinic: How do I convince politicians, industries and the public to not waste "waste"water? (Corbin, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation 

How can we develop indicators that are contextually relevant and are responsive to the TDA process? (Davidson; Kelsey; Cox; Bertule, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation 

Participant-led Workshop: Enhancing Access and Dissemination of Knowledge to Improve Scientific Cooperation (Filali-Meknassi, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation 

Participant-led Workshop: MSPglobal - Supporting Internationally Accepted Marine Spatial Planning (Iglesias Campos, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation  / Summary 

Day Four
Tools and Practices for IW Practitioners

Thursday 8 November 2018
Jardins de l’Agdal Hotel

Pillar breakout Transformational Solutions: Circular Economy introduction (Tas, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation  / Summary


Pillar breakout Transformational Solutions: Blue Economy (Barbiere, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation  / Summary 

Participant-led Workshop: Adopting the Water Funds Model for Sustainably Financed Source Water Protection of GEF IW Project Basins (Apse, Marrakesh 2018). / Summary 

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Participant-led Workshop: Analysis of Transboundary Water Ecosystems and Green/Blue Infrastructure (Iglesias Campos, Marrakesh 2018). / Presentation  / Summary