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Workshop Presentations

27 Nov 2019
All presentations from the workshop will be made available on this page
[Bali DIM Workshop] Project presentation: Indonesia Sea LME   
Presented by Muralidharan Chavakat Manghat, Project Manager, FAO Indonesia
[Bali DIM Workshop] Project presentation: South China Sea LME SAP Implementation and Fisheries Refugia   
Presented by Somboon Siriraksophon, Director, Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Centre (SEAFDEC)
[Bali DIM Workshop] Project presentation: Arafura and Timor Seas SAP Implementation (ATSEA2)   
Presented by Dwi Ariyoga Gautama, Project Coordinator, UNDP Indonesia
[Bali DIM Workshop] LME:LEARN Data and Information Management Plan:   
Presented by Khristine Custodio Gudczinski, Content Manager, GEF IW:LEARN, a summary presentation of the report “Data and Information Management Guidelines for GEF LME Projects” including good practices and tools and future implementation.
[Bali DIM Workshop] Best Practices and Tools: PEMSEA State of the Coasts (SOC) Reporting System   
Presented by Maricor Ebarvia-Bautista, Consultant, PEMSEA
[Bali DIM Workshop] Best Practices and Tools: Udayana University, PEMSEA Learning Center DIM Practices   
Presented by Parinatra Candrarka Nugraha, Center for Sustainable Development, Udayana University
[Bali DIM Workshop] Best Practices and Tools: Coral Triangle Initiative   
Presented by Janet Polita, Communication and Information Manager, CTI CFF
[Bali DIM Workshop] Best Practices and Tools: UNEP DHI / TWAP Indicator Builder   
Presented by Isabelle Vanderbeck, Task Team Leader - GEF IW, UN Environment
[Bali DIM Workshop] Summary and Reflections   
Presented on the final day of the Bali DIM workshop