Agenda, presentations and report

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1 Welcome / Introductory session

  • Vladimir Ryabinin/Julian Barbière, UNESCO-IOC
  • Andrew Hudson/Vladimir Mamaev, UNDP
  • Christian H. Severin / Leah Karrer, GEF
  • Ned Cyr /Kenneth Sherman, NOAA
  • Wojciech Wawrzyński/Adi Kellerman, ICES
  • James Oliver, IUCN

2-Governance in LMEs
2a. Building long-term governance and sustainability

2b. Examples of use of MPAs, ICM, MSP as tools and approaches for governance in LMEs

3 Regional LME Caucuses and Working Groups (Africa, Asia, Latin America & Caribbean)

4 Regional Caucuses Reporting and General Discussion

5 LME Data and Information needs

6 Socio-economic aspects of LMEs

7 Integrated Climate Change and variability in LMEs

8 Emerging issues in ocean health

9a LME:Learn & Capacity Development

9b LME:Learn & Stakeholders and communication

  • Objectives and expected outcomes of the session - Mish Hamid, IW:Learn
  • Private / Public partnerships - David Vousden, Agulhas-Somali LME
  • Planned regional and global conferences - Kenneth Sherman, NOAA 
  • Best practices in development of knowledge products - Marc Wilson, Pacific IWRM
  • Knowledge management to foster replication - Adrian Ross, PEMSEA

10-Conclusions and next steps

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